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                                              Daily maintenance and maintenance of agricultural machinery parts

                                              Precision parts such as injector parts, oil delivery valve parts and plug parts, with small clearance, a little rust will reduce the performance, and even scrap. Therefore, do not disassemble the original packaging for new parts that are not in use temporarily, and store them in a dry and ventilated place. The used parts are cleaned with clean diesel oil to remove dirt such as carbon deposits. After being assembled in pairs, they are placed in a container filled with clean engine oil. The height of the oil surface is such that the oil surface is not exposed to the air. Shaft parts, including unused new shafts or old shafts that have been removed, should be coated with grease (butter) and stored in a dry and ventilated place. Longer shafts should be placed flat or vertical, and should not be placed diagonally to avoid deformation.

                                              Springs such as torsion springs, plunger springs, and injector regulator springs should be greased and stored in plastic bags. Do not expose or contact with hazardous materials to prevent rust and reduce performance.

                                              Sliding bearings such as bushings, copper sleeves, powder metallurgy bushings, etc., should keep the oil wax layer intact during storage, and avoid mixing with other miscellaneous items, tools, etc., to avoid collision deformation and rust.

                                              If the rolling bearing is not used temporarily, it should not be unpacked and should be stored in a dry and ventilated place. Used bearings should be cleaned of oil, in addition to grease, packed in plastic bags or sealed with kraft paper.

                                              Rubber products oil seals, waterproof rings, rubber ash slabs, tires, etc., even if it is oil-resistant rubber products, should avoid oils during storage. At the same time, avoid exposure, baking, freezing, and immersion.

                                              Plastic parts plastic parts should not be heated, frozen or fired. Keep away from fire sources in storage, do not expose to the sun or freeze, and do not mix with metal parts or acid and alkali substances to prevent aging damage.

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